Classic Eye Cut 💕👁

Classic Eye Cut 💕👁

Hey Dolls, 

This look is classic in every way and perfect for your daily tasks from your time at  work to your night out and even perfect for your zoom meetings. 

As two palettes were used in this look Ta•bi•eya’a & Qa•we•ya Eyeshadow Palette. Including our best seller Kajool'a Eyeliner.  As mentioned perviously all our eyeshades are highly pigmented, vegan and made from Italy. 

Check out the below tutorial. 

Products used in the tutorial: 

- Ta•bi•eya’a Eyeshadow Palette
- Qa•we•ya Eyeshadow Palette
- Kajoola Eyeliner

▷ All Items available on the website:  💕

 #aynnoon 🖤🐰👁 #itsallaboutyoureyes



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