💜 Always Elegant in Purple 💜

💜 Always Elegant in Purple  💜

Hey Dolls, 

This season we are looking a-lot of eye looks with purple color, therefore we created this looks collaborating with our suppliers. As the main eyeshadow palette we used was Na'a•ma Eyeshadow Palette that has the best purple color in the market and we mixed it with liquid eyeshadow called Libra fro Bashayer Al-Hatem Makeup that gave us the wonderful gillter look. 

This eye look is perfect for your daily look also a date night with your beloved ones.  💜

 ▷ All Items available on the website: www.aynnoon.com 

 #aynnoon 🖤🐰👁 #itsallaboutyoureyes


💜 Always Elegant in Purple  💜

✨ Eyeliner, Gazel Pencil Eyeliner Na'a•ma & Qa•we•ya Eyeshadow Palette & Ayara Mascara : @aynnoon - Ayn Noon 
✨Liquid Eyeshadow- Libra: @bashayer_alhatem- Bashayer Al-Hatem Makeup
✨Model: @meghetyyyyy- Megg Model 
✨Hair : @myminuteskw- My Minutes Salon, Jabriya Branch 
✨ lashes : Salama @dalalbeautystore- Dalal Beauty 




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