Within the lastest Trend of Looks, we creating this look only for you.

Rose gold Eyeshadow

Hey Dolls, 

So basically the most trending colors we've seeing in the past year are natural and rose-gold colors, therefore we created a look  collaborating with our suppliers of this rose-gold eyeshadow color, since it's everyone favourite color. 

This look is really beautiful as you use it for daily look and for evening look with a fabulous outfit. 


▷ All Items available on the website: www.aynnoon.com 

 #aynnoon 🖤🐰👁 #itsallaboutyoureyes

To view the tutorial: https://youtu.be/dEr6Sl65FZU


✨ Ayn 2 lashes & Eye Makeup : @aynnoon https://www.instagram.com/aynnoon ✨Model: https://www.instagram.com/tee_uhhh/
✨Liquid Eyeshadow: https://www.instagram.com/bashayer_alhatem/
✨Eyebrow Pencil, Cheek Palette & Lipstick Set By:


Rosegold Pic  


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