Summer Pink with the perfect eyeliner

Summer Pink with the perfect eyeliner

1. Add concealer Use the beauty blender
2. Use the dark pink from Mazyona on the top on the eyes using the ultimate eye brush 
3. Use the peach color under the eye to make a Smokey look.
4. Add the peach color on the corner of the eyes . 
5. Add the color brown from Tabiya to blend in crescent.
6. Add the white Highlighter under the eyebrow. 
7. Add the color shimmer dark brown CORNER and under the EYES.
8. Add yellow shimmer from  GLOWING PALETTE at the corner of the eyes. 
9. USE Sweet Eyeliner & mascara before lashes
10. Add SWEET lashes and apply Ayara Mascara again. 
11. Use sweet eyeliner above the eyeliner. 






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