Recreate this Look Using All Items From Ayn Noon

Hey Dolls, 

We are finally back doing makeup looks and creating new looks trending in the market. 

Since we've seeing a lot of trends in upper crescent eyeliner look using Eye shadow and natural colors. So  we created this look using Brown eyeliner (using Ayn Noon Eye shadows) and all natural colors using eye shadow palettes from Ayn Noon.

The look was really fun to do since we have created a Hype in all social media channels. 

To view the tutorial:


Makeup Done by Eman:
Eye Makeup:
Eyebrow Pencil:
Cheek Palette & Lipstick Set By:



▷ All Items available on the website: 

 #aynnoon 🖤🐰👁 #itsallaboutyoureyes


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