Fashion, food & fate

Fashion, food & fate

The Ramadan version on how your lifestyle would change;
As we all know Ramadan is the holy month when Muslims devote themselves to be closer to Allah and to remember how people of less fortune live. In addition, many Muslims join charities to reach out and help the people in need. Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan change their lifestyle in terms of fashion, food & fate.


During the month of Ramadan, women go out their way to be creative and fashionable. They create the most creative and fashionable Kaftans which meet the era of 21st century. As designers go out their way to make kaftans unique within the consideration of their faith during the month of Ramadan. As this month gives ladies an opportunity not only to wear the normal black Abaya, however, also during this month opportunities arise for the designers to be innovative and inspired to be different to change the normality of the black Abaya. Whereas, the 30 days of Ramadan help ladies to be fashionable and look modest and beautiful.


Let’s just say this month helps us to reduce or gain weight depending on how you like to eat during the month of Ramadan. This month gives chefs and cooks a great chance to cook delicious food and local famous food. As Muslims take a sip of water and eat dates at the sunset, as this meal is the most anticipating moment of their day. However, later they dig into their traditional food and drink ‘Vimto’ which is more delicious during the month of Ramadan. Later, they enjoy eating delicious deserts.


The holy month of Ramadan, is the month when Muslims dedicate themselves to Allah, where most of their time is spent in mosques; praying and worshiping Allah by reading the Koran, sending prayers, giving and helping the people in need. Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam. It helps the Muslims to be closer to Allah. At the end of Ramadan Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitar with their loved ones.



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