Hello beauties 

check this beautiful look for your Ramadan Look with your beautiful Kaftan, the steps as the following : 



1. Use the beauty blender with any concealer 
2. Put the gazel Pencil 
3. Use the black eyeshadow on top , then blend with dark brown form qaweya . Then blend it from outside brown drom Tabiya .
4. Put gazel Pencil inside the eyes
5. Make Smokey under the eyes with dark brown and light brown
6. Use the thin eyeliner for the corner for the eyes
7. Add mascara
8. Put lashes- vibes lashes
9. Add mascara
10. Add white highlighter from qaweya

Face :

1. Use beauty blender
2. Apply normal foundation
3. Use blush from the two pinks from Mazyona
4. Use contour from Tabiya
5. Use highlighter gold from Tabiya.  

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